About Us

We are a new business local to Durham and Teesside area.  Our passion is to create high quality dog goodie boxes, packed full of toys, essentials  & natural treats. Our natural treats are not only wholesomely good for your pooch, but also super tasty! We have searched high and low to source dog treats made with top quality British meats, in doing this we are supporting our British farmers and the meat industry. When buying your treats from us, you can have confidence that you are buying the BEST!


Meet Our Team

Abbie And Rocco

Hi there, Im Abbie!  I'm 22 years old and absolutely love dogs! Small dogs, big dogs, any type of dogs! Dogs are amazing animals!  Rocco is a Staffiordshire bullterrier and he is 3 years old. The main reason I am so passionate about sourcing high quality dog treats, is Rocco's health problems. Rocco has bad allergies, he will scratch till he bleeds (I know its awful) and through countless vet trips, tests and alot of money, we found out he was pretty much allergic to most things including, grass, chicken,bark on trees and even dust mites! This is why Rocco needs the best of the best, and it made me think, all dogs deserve the BEST!

This is why through countless amouts of face times and cups of tea through lockdown,  we are now where we are! Creating a box full of natural treats and health products so your dogs can enjoy the BEST products with no added nasties, just like mine. 

Emily & Arthur

Hello, my names Emily! I have two children (Penny and Ada), and Arthur is our first family dog (he is spoilt rotten by us all!) He is a Fox Red Labrador and is currently still a pup! Arthur is a very cheeky lab, he eats EVERYTHING he shouldn't, especially socks and shoes! 

He loves cuddles, walks, and meeting other dogs! He is super excited about testing out all the new treats and toys for you all! Getting Arthur has completed my family, he is such big part of our everyday life. I once read somewhere that It's proven dogs can actually increase our happiness, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise, and even improve your cardiovascular health! Dogs are amazing! And this is why they deserve the best!

I'm passionate about providing your dogs with delicious natural treats to keep them healthy and happy! It's what they deserve!!!  For myself and Abbie it has been a dream to create our brand/products  for you all, and we both feel part of something truly special!

We hope your dogs enjoy our products as much as Arthur & Rocco do!